18 November, 2009

Reclaimed Pillows

By Lisa Peck
After meeting Mimi (see yesterday's post) I starting thinking about all the ways that reclaimed fabrics have been used in interiors now and in the past. It has changed vastly over the years. In the past thrifty housewives used old clothes or fabric scraps to make braided rugs and chair cushions. Used clothes were re-cut for cushions, coasters, or used to tuft rugs. An old dress could become kitchen curtains.
Today's green movement makes it desirable to reclaim fabrics but today's home wants to be fresh not homespun. Beautiful, hip, and sometimes sentimental the following pillows are great examples of reclaiming fabrics for a unique interior today!
Jigsaw pillow made from reclaimed ultrasuede.
Pillows made from reclaimed blankets and sweaters from Cherry Lane Jane.
These tie pillows might be a great way to use the ties you have but wouldn't wear! Have a local artisan work on one or just buy one that tickles your fancy.
These great felt pillows are made from fabric reclaimed...it's original purpose? To tailor the inside edge of a man's suit! Creative.

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