04 December, 2013

Rebuilding a Luxury Brand

By Lisa Peck, ASID
Louis Vuitton is looking to retake their position as THE luxury leather goods and fashion brand. They have hired Nicolas Ghesquiere, who is known for rebuilding the house of Balenciaga. While he is busy rebuilding the women’s fashion division, I would suggest a look at the leather good division and how Louis Vuitton might be able to go from being considered one of the most overrated luxury brands by American households according to a poll by the American Affluence Research Center to a coveted brand seen as delivering true luxury.
If I was asked to design a new leather goods line for the luxury brand, since Vuitton has the quality, here I think I would create buzz and deliver the goods luxury consumers are looking for by offering customization. At LiLu Interiors we are all about customization, unique details and a solution to a problem that is just right for you.


I would love to be able to select the color of leather my bag came in. Oh wait, I can already do that. Vuitton could offer tiers of more highly customized product creating the ultimate in exclusivity..the one-of-a-kind suitcase or handbag.
Tier 1
Select a leather and contrast stiching combo of your own choosing from a limited number of colors
Tier 2
Select a leather, contrast stitching, and lining combination from a vast array of possibilities.
Tier 3
Include the above with a custom printed lining that reflects something personal about you..perhaps your monogram done in the Vuitton style?
Tier 4
Would include the features of Tier 2 with a digitally printed lining fabric of a photo collage so you have a truly one-of -a-kind, never to be duplicated bag.