28 September, 2021

Primary Bath Remodel Design – Peek at a Project

Primary Bath Remodel Design

Recently, we have been designing quite a few primary bath remodel design projects. Updating your bathroom is second only to a kitchen remodel for return on investment, making it a lucrative remodel option! According to USA Bath, the national average bath remodel ROI is 70.1%. Not bad!
We love working with repeat clients. Here at Lilu Interiors, we treat our clients like family, and help them make excellent design decisions while advocating for their best interests thought the design process. Many of our clients are wanting to stay in their homes, and age in place. This is the perfect time for a remodel!
For the clients we are featuring this week, we had already remodeled their ktche, mudroom, and laundry room. We had also done a living room redesign, a home office design, and now they were ready to improve their primary bath!

Our Client's Pain Points - Primary Bath Remodel Design

In their current bathroom, our clients had a few main problems. The bathroom had a dated look, which was the overarching issue. Usage was also an issue. They had a whirlpool tub that they never used and needed more storage. They also needed a bathroom that would allow them to age in place, and that required less maintenance. The bath also didn't flow with the rest of the house, so our clients needed an update!
At Lilu, we listen carefully to what our clients define as the issues, problems, and pain points with their current space so we can solve all of their issues. Every design journey we embark on with our clients involves a lot of listening and asking questions to ensure we know exactly how they want their space to feel.

Solutions - Primary Bath Remodel Design

After a lot of asking questions and listening, we figured out how to execute what our clients wanted fr0m their new primary bath remodel.
For one thing, we made a plan to fix the dated look of the bathroom. We selected materials that related to the rest of the house, making sure everything fit our client's current style. We fixed their usage problems - first of all omitting the whirlpool for a freestanding tub. We also omitted the glass block that was originally in the space, designed a zero-clearance shower with grab bars. We incorporated more storage by adding a new linen cabinet and selected universal design compliant faucets and fittings. To cut down on maintenance for our clients, we also used slab material for the shower walls.
Down below, you can see our floor plan and elevations for this primary bath remodel. We also kept our client's wishes in mind while completing this part of the project.
We didn't change the locations of any of the basic plumbing. It was well planned to begin with, and that kept our clients on budget! We included thoughtfully designed cabinetry that supplied additional storage, but didn't overwhelm the space by packing it with storage. Also, we worked floating elements into the cabinetry, to work with the floating soffits that exist throughout the home, instead of fighting against them. This helped make this primary bath remodel fix one of our client's overarching pain points with the original space: now it will flow with the rest of their home!
PrimaryRemodelFP1 PrimaryRemodelFP2 PrimaryRemodelFP3

Selections - Primary Bath Remodel Design

When selecting materials, we wanted to stay with our goal of having this bathroom flow with the rest of the house. See the kitchen we worked on in this client's home here.
We selected cherry in the kitchen design, to bring warmth to the home and relate to the wooded lakeside setting of our client's home. We wanted the bath finishes to match this vibe too.
The reason we selected plumbing fixtures for their universal design aspects was to create an updated, more modern look, which is also very easy to manipulate.
We included a hand shower, which is a must for an aging-in-place primary bath remodel because it allows someone with limited mobility to shower safely and privately.
PrimaryBathSolutions1 PrimaryRemodelSolutions2 PrimaryBathSolutions3

Rendering - Primary Bath Remodel Design

We also used sketchup to help our clients visualize their space, and to help us all make decisions like whether we should incorporate floating shelves on either side of the freestanding tub or not.
It helped us decide which finishes to use and where. We were weighing all kinds of options, like cherry or painted cabinets. Or, maybe we even wanted to do shelves instead!
Tools like sketchup help us execute our clients dream homes. Hopefully, you enjoyed this look into our primary bath remodel design!
PrimaryRemodelRendering1 PrimaryRemodelRendering2 PrimaryRemodelRendering3 PINTHIS Primary Bath Remodel Design

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  1. Janet R Lorusso says:

    Great solutions for your client’s bathroom makeover!! They will be SO delighted when this is done!

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