19 July, 2010

Practice Safe Design…Use a Concept

by Lisa Peck, ASID
The title of this entry is a often used quote...."Practice safe design...use a concept."-Petrula Vrontikis. I hadn't heard this quote until recently. Emily Anderson, a LiLu designer has started posting a new thought provoking quote in our studio each week. Our own small private inspiration. When I heard this quote, I laughed out loud. It is perfectly on point. At LiLu, we always practice safe design. When we start the design of any project...from a one room decorating job to a  remodel to a new construction project. We don't do anything...until we develop a concept.
The design concept can be expressed in many final forms. It can be developed in many different ways but there must be a concept. Without it, a design will surely go wrong or stray off course. For those of you in business think of a design concept as a mission statement for your project. Once you have developed your concept, every decision is easier to make...does it support the concept or not. That simple.
What isn't simple is that every concept is unique...which makes every finished interior unique.
In order to express the importance of a design concept, I am posting rooms designed without a concept and with a concept. You decide which is the better approach.
Credits withheld to protect the guilty...if you have to know email us at info at liluinteriors.com.
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