30 July, 2020

Peek at a Project: An Unused Room Becomes a Favorite Relaxing Spot


Why does no one use this room??? That was the question. Some of the best lake views anywhere on Lake Minnetonka and yet no one was taking advantage!
We identified the problems that made the room not-so-appealing. We got to work on a redesign. And now the previously unused room has become a favorite spot for relaxing. Check out the space after a fresh face lift!


Heavy wood blinds that blocked the view. The afternoon sun heats the room to nearly unbearable temperatures! It’s like a sauna.


We replaced the wood blinds with light and airy Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades. They look lighter visually and operate so much better. (Goodbye cords, Hello remote operation!) They provide full or partial blocking of the sun, so you can actually use the room no matter what the sun is up to!
before-after-interior-design-minneapolis-55391.jpg Mood Board 7.24.20 Too


The furniture was a hodge-podge mix of old reused pieces. They didn’t give the room much of a purpose or create a destination spot anyone actually wanted to be in.


We selected new seating pieces because they wanted super comfortable chairs. We chose 4 matching chairs, centered around an ottoman. There isn’t a seating group like this anywhere else in the house. Because of this, the unexpected, intimate conversation area draws you into the space. And the arrangement maximizes the lake views!
furniture-design-interiors-minneapolis-55391.jpg after pic


What is the purpose of this room???


We created purpose with an intimate furniture grouping. But we also amped up the special purpose of this room with a really cool built in bar cabinet. Now the porch is the perfect place for an evening cocktail! And did we mention that the bar cabinet is cool-looking?! Because of it's suave looks and high-gloss finish, it sets the vibe for the room as a laid back lake room for lounging and enjoying the company.
mood board after Mood Board 7.24.20 Too 2 WHY DOESN’T ANYONE USE THIS ROOM___

Comments on Peek at a Project: An Unused Room Becomes a Favorite Relaxing Spot
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    Hi Lisa –
    I love how you found a window treatment solution that make it comfortable for your clients during those hot summer months ( and the idea of remote control is so smart, since there are a lot of windows), and I love the idea of the 4 chairs, too, so conversation feels more comfortable.
    I bet your clients are really happy with their new sun room now.

  2. Janet Lorusso says:

    Great solutions, Lisa and beautiful choices! And I’ll bet your clients are delighted to have a new beautiful and comfortable spot with a view of the lake!

  3. Carla Aston says:

    Can’t wait to see the finished space. Great ideas!

  4. Leslie Price says:

    That new furniture is amazing!

  5. Linda Merrill says:

    Love the built in bar color and also the functionality it provides! It would have been a shame if such beautiful views kept going to waste!

    1. Samantha Regan says:

      Love the ottoman you selected! And that built in bar is amazing.

  6. Maria says:

    Yeah!!! It is amazing what design can do and change people’s life! Btw, I have used these chairs you picked and they are amazing!
    Great work!

  7. Jill Laine says:

    Between that built-in bar and new shades you have completely transformed this room into the new fave spot in the house, I would bet. Beautiful makeover!

  8. Janet Lorusso says:

    Ah the finished space is just beautiful…now the question is “who will ever LEAVE this room?”!

  9. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Great solutions and love the window treatment and bar area. That is just a crime not to have that room as one of the most wonderful places to hang out in the house! Bet they love it now!

  10. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Your clients must be thrilled. I love everything about this entire space, including the bar (and fabulous color on that)!

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