24 June, 2013

Poppy personality!

By Ally Evander, Allied Member, ASID
At LiLu, we often meet people who are inspiring, fun, colorful characters who own homes that are not colorful, uninspiring, and in need of some help. Often, these people are too busy to create the home of their dreams and that's where we come in. We love the challenge of taking an ordinary home and developing a plan to transform it into a space that is as vibrant as the people who live there.
Lisa and I are working on a project that fits this mold right now. We've had design meetings with the client and come up with a direction that perfectly reflects the homeowners spunky personality while creating a space where the client's collected items from travel around the world feel at home.
Here's the scheme so far....


We love the Sanderson Poppy fabric paired with navy and green solids and patterns. The ethereal sheer adds a nice touch of gentle softness. We're excited about next steps: selecting furniture. Stay tuned for more updates on this project as it unfolds!