01 February, 2017

Planning Ahead

As interior designers we are trained to think ahead. To think through multiple scenarios, explore different ideas, see fresh possibilities, plan for the unexpected, design for now and a future lifestyle. See how the thoughtful planning of one small room can be the answer to many big ideas...Our client's tuck away space upstairs that looks out on to the lake has served many purposes over the years. With the kids grown and out of the house, it will now make a nice lounging space to read or knit and a perfect spot for a possible future grandchild to nap and play. By planning ahead and thinking about what activities you would like to make room for in your life even the smallest of spaces can become big ideas. Here are a few different ways to arrange this room using the same furnishings and a plan for adding a possible future crib. What do you dream about doing? What spaces do you have dedicated to your dreams? LiLu Interiors can help you plan ahead.