11 October, 2017

Pink is Perfect Now-According to LiLu

By Lisa Peck, ASID

Pink is Perfect Now

Scroll through Instagram, pursue Pinterest and you will see pink, from the brightest hue to the blushiest tint pink is a color that we are loving now. What is it about pink that it is the perfect color, so appealing, so sought-after when just a few years ago it was relegated to the toy aisle and appeared only in Disney Princess fashion?

Color Psychology

I've been thinking a bit about the psychology of color since being asked to contribute my thoughts on how to create an environment that can help writers support their creativity by changing the environment of their writing studio. (See Mondays blog) We will be sharing our thoughts on the psychology of color regularly on the blog over the next few months. Join us on Facebook for alerts on the blog.
Here is why I think pink is perfect now. Pink as a color is optimistic and calm. We can all use a little calm optimism right now so we are embracing pink as never before. Pink is also seen as a color that is non-threatening. It is friendly and soft. In general pink is glowing and is associated with happy feelings.
It has risen in popularity steadily since 2016 when Pantone named Rose Quartz it's color of the year. The uncertainty in our political and natural climates makes the calm, friendly vibe of pink ever more attractive. At a time when our news cycle is cynical the optimistic feeling of any pink is the perfect antidote. By surrounding ourselves with a color that is optimistic we create a supportive environment.
The blushy pink we see used most often today is also seen as gender neutral. Because it works so well for men and women, blushy pink has made it's way out of the boudoir and into living rooms, dining rooms and restaurants. It is sophisticated and brings an automatic sense of chic to a fashion or interior design statement.


Pink is Perfect Now-Sketch
One of the most often seen restaurants on Pinterest and Instagram is Sketch in London. It's main room is a pink on pink parfait that defies you to have an indifferent reaction. Sketch remodels it's spaces every two years but is letting the pink interior last four because of it's cheery, popular ambiance.

Milan Design Week

Pink is Perfect Now-Milan Design Week
I was also intrigued to see how a pink canopy of metal leaves became ubiquitous on Instagram during Milan's recent design week. It was clear it captured the imagination of all of the elite talent gathered in Milan to see the best of what was new in design.

Pink Products

Pink is Perfect Now-Pink Products
Products from furnishing for corporate spaces to rugs, fabrics and wall coverings are among the ways you can incorporate this popular hue into your home.