31 March, 2017

Picture Frames to Showcase Your Travel Memories and Adventures

This week on the blog we have been discussing ways to design your travel adventures into your home.  One way that is most common is by showcasing the photographs you have taken while traveling into picture frames throughout your home.

Selecting these frames can happen in several different ways:  from gallery style frames that will be hung in a collage on your wall to pops of color and patterned frames that may sit on your home office desk.  Another option is to take a trip to a local frame shop and select custom frames and mats.  This option will truly be one of a kind just like your travel experiences are.

The one tip that we hope you take away from this week is to travel, be inspired, and to bring home a memory that is unique to you.

Simple black and white gallery picture  frames lets the photograph and art be the center of attention.

Subtle color and plays on asymmetry add just enough detail to let your travel memories and adventures show through.

Gold metal picture frames can be the perfect touch to help distinguish a special memory from the rest.

These bright pops of color add to your black and white photos