23 March, 2016

Picking up art along your travels

by Lisa Peck, ASID 407-239-3100 room 2270
When we designed a new entry for these fun-loving clients there were many functional considerations. One was providing a spot to store handbags, phones and all the stuff of the daily comings and goings of the household. While maximizing the storage it was also important to maintain a good clearance into the living room. The client also wanted to view art as they descended the stair each day. Our clients, who love to travel, were on their way to Brazil so once the plans were in place for the custom cabinet, we gave them the arduous assignment of finding art that fit perfectly. Dimensions in hand they flew off to Brazil here is the beautiful result.
a custom cabinet with Brazilian art
Now that the art is hung, at the next party our clients host, they can tell the story of where they found the art, the memories of their once-in-a-lifetime trip to Brazil and share the beauty of original artwork with their friends and family.
living room with collected art
In the living room, we designed a space that let art the client had picked up on previous travels live happily alongside neutral furnishings and bright pops of color inspired by the art.