17 April, 2017

Pet Friendly Interior Design – Peek at a LiLu Kitchen Project

Take a look at a kitchen remodel by LiLu Interiors with pet friendly interior design features. LiLu starts every project by getting to know our clients values. By understanding your lifestyle we can design spaces to support your life. For many of our clients that includes pets! They require a pet friendly interior design! Pets come with a lot of stuff. Interior designers think through the details and design storage spaces for specific items to make your life easier.

Pet Friendly Interior Design-Convenient Storage is Key

A shallow cabinet located by the back door stores pet leashes and bags for convenient access as you head outside


A pull out base cabinet located in the middle of kitchen near the trash provides convenient access and storage for dog food

pet friendly interior design dog bowl storage

Pet Friendly Interior Design-Easy to Maintain surfaces

An indoor outdoor rug adds a finished look that is low maintenance. Easy to clean means muddy paws and occasional accidents cause less stress for dog and home owner. This rug can be hosed down and look like new.