23 December, 2020

A Perfect Christmas Room: Peek at a Project


The ultimate perfect Christmas room design! We designed this living room about a year ago and we love how the clients are fully using the space just as we planned. Come along and check out the perfectly functioning Christmas set up of this room and how the design encourages family togetherness.

Space Plan with Ample Room for a Christmas Tree

When we are designing a family room or living room, we often consider where the Christmas tree would go around the holidays. Sometimes in smaller rooms it requires moving a piece of furniture. In this case, the every day space plan leaves a great spot for a Christmas tree, so no furniture moving is necessary. The placement of the tree allows for viewing of the tree from anywhere in the room, as well as from the entry foyer.

Furniture Plan Encourages Gathering

The furniture plan in this room encourages gathering and togetherness. Two large facing sofas and two comfy swivel chairs cluster around two large ottomans. There isn’t a bad seat in the house! You can put your feet up from wherever you are. And there is seating for at the very least 8 people.

Large Screen TV for Christmas Movies

The seating gathers around a large screen TV, so it’s the perfect spot to watch Christmas movies together! When you’re not watching Elf or Home Alone, this smart TV can be made to display artwork.

Warm Fireplace for Ambiance

The big beautiful fireplace adds warmth and light to the room and creates the perfect Christmas ambiance.
Since it is so large, the whole room can enjoy the fire. And when it’s just a couple people in the room, they can swivel the lounge chairs to be closer to the flames. Cozy!

Game Table for Family Fun

We also included a game table in the space. It’s the perfect spot for a puzzle, board game or card game. The very presence of a game table encourages playfulness and signals that this is a casual room.

Buffet for Christmas Cookies

We custom designed this buffet piece. It’s the perfect place to serve a plate of Christmas cookies or snacks.

Coordinating Christmas Décor

The color scheme of this room is mostly monochromatic. The wallcovering in the soft blue green wraps the room in texture and color. The upholstery pieces repeat this color and add more soft textures. The shimmery window treatments repeat the color again but add a bit of sheen. A room like this is the perfect backdrop for coordinating Christmas décor. We love the Christmas tree with touches of gold and silver.
We said it once and we’ll say it again, it's the ultimate perfect Christmas room design!
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Comments on A Perfect Christmas Room: Peek at a Project
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    Good morning, Lisa ~
    This really is such a perfectly appointed room for family gathering. Everything looks so comfortable and I love that the chairs swivel. That custom serving console, though, is the star of the room. It’s so perfect for entertaining. What a great idea. I bet your clients just love this space.

  2. Lauren Brantley says:

    Such a beautiful space!! Merry Christmas!

  3. Janet Lorusso says:

    Such a perfect room, Lisa! And my favorite color palette :) Planning for holiday decor, especially if it involves a tree, is so smart when designing a room layout. We always consider this as well!

  4. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Lisa, this is so smart! Most people would not think about planning for the Christmas tree. When we built our home, I had the electricians install an outlet on our ceiling for our Christmas star. When we did our walkthrough, they all thought that was a mistake. Planning ahead….:)

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