01 August, 2016

Peek at a trip

By Lisa Peck, ASID
TRAVELING, as I did recently, is an opportunity to step back from daily life and become inspired by new sights, new food experiences, new environments. I took an embarrassing 1500 photos on my recent trip to Paris and they will serve to inspire my design work for the next decade and perhaps beyond. Colors, textures, vistas, how to frame a view the list of inspiration goes on and on.
This “peak at a project” is meant to inspire you to think about travel as a way to inspire you to think about how the things you see on your travels can be used to create an interior, garden or life experience you would like to include in your everyday life.
These photos represent ideas I found intriguing and want to keep on hand to provoke design ideas. As an example the center photo shows how a simple light fixture throwing a beautiful pattern of light on a wall can become “art” and be an elegant, cost-effective design solution. Another restaurant interior used black to punctuate a monochromatic yellow/green space that unified the space and still wasn’t static. A great small spaces solution.
On your next trip, take photos of all the things you find intriguing and remember to take note of what you truly appreciated about the experience or detail. How can you intentionally recreate that beauty in your life. We can all use a little more beauty, so everyday, choose beauty!
[caption id="attachment_18961" align="aligncenter" width="683"]paris trip paris trip[/caption]