06 February, 2012

Peek at a Project

Peek at a Project - Puzzle Table
By LuAnne Silvia, ASID
We recently completed a reception waiting area for a client who wanted to have a space for clients to do puzzles while they waited. We thought about the fact that the puzzles would remain in the space and many different people would have a chance to work on them, potential for pieces sliding off the table and getting lost. Lisa put pencil to paper and sketched an idea for a puzzle table. Custom designed and built to have a shallow lip to catch the puzzle pieces, but not interfere with putting the puzzles together. For maintenance and durability we had it built out of plastic laminate. And because it is a game table Lisa thought it should be fun, with flat yet curved shaped legs, not unlike the puzzle itself. And to make sure it was inviting we kept the finish casual and fun with a playful green color laminate and exposed plywood edges. The edges repeat a detail reminscent of a puzzle piece. It is getting lots of use and the clients love it!