05 September, 2017

Peek at a Kitchen Design- A Labor of Love

Happy Labor Day! It's the unofficial end of Summer and the day we celebrate Labors of Love in all forms. For parents, work done in the kitchen is often a labor of love- cooking, cleaning and family meals. A lot of time is spent in the average American kitchen. But if you are spending so much time in your kitchen, should it really be "average"? Take a peek at this kitchen we designed for a family of 6. We used a mélange of neutrals. Neutrals. Sounds boring. But it doesn't have to be. Warm brown stained cabinets combined with cream cabinets and a taupe island cabinet, rounded out by warm gray walls. We pulled all these delightful neutrals out of the back splash accent tile and repeated the tones in the granite. It's all neutral. It's an everyday American kitchen. But it's anything but boring!
LiLu Interiors Kitchen Design Rendering
LiLu Interiors Kitchen Design Materials