19 December, 2012

Past Associations

by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID

In design and fashion, everything is recycled again at some point. Colors, shapes and motifs come back reinterpeted into new forms. But sometimes the association with the past is too much for some to overcome and be appreciated. Below are some examples. You be the judge, would you welcome these trends into your home?
You've probably seen an outdated bathroom in an old house. The pink/mauve bathroom was popular in the 90's.... and generally is not that desirable today. We've recently been shown a new product that is attempting to bring the pink back to the bathroom, but in a more updated way. Check it out. What do you think? Can you get over the past or are your color associations too strong to change?

This tile brings pink into the bathroom in a more updated way, combining it with gray.

Quirky designer, Jonathan Adler is attempting to bring the brightly colored sink to American bathrooms and kitchens everywhere.

Are you remembering this?

How about avocado/limey green in the bathroom?