29 May, 2017

Garden Party Space Plan- Peek at a Project

by Ally Evander, Allied ASID
Have you ever wanted to host a really great party in your outdoor space? All you have to do is make a plan! We recently worked with a client on her outdoor space in conjunction with landscape architects Southview Design. Our client wanted a space that was comfortable for family dinners as well as hosting parties for larger groups.
The big challenge was the limited amount of space and their driveway. The outdoor living space adjoins the driveway. The driveway is very narrow and they needed turn around space for the car. So the patio had to do double duty; it had to be useable for every day and have enough clear space for cars to back into it. They also wanted to plan out how they could host more people in their space.
Check out these two space plans we developed in order to support everyday function as well as the occasional garden party!
Outdoor living space design- everyday plan
Outdoor living space design- party plan