02 August, 2010

Out and About: Como Zoo Polar Bear’s New Home

By LuAnne Silvia
This week I am sharing well designed places I have experienced when I have been out and about this summer.
The polar bears have a new home at Como Zoo, Polar Bear Odyssey, a natural environment four times the size of their previous space. A lot of planning and design went into the exhibit to ensure the bears had plenty of unique spaces to roam, and visitors could see them engaged in different behaviors. The exhibit includes educational opportunities for kids (disguised as fun activities) always a great design!
There are several areas where you can get a good look at the bears both above ground and below. The outdoor areas are divided by a deep pool with a large underwater viewing area. Above ground includes a running stream and a shallow pool. And there are lots of opportunities for younger visitors to climb up, in and through to learn more about Buzz and Neil. So far we have found them rolling in the grass, taking a dip in the pool and napping on a hot summer afternoon. We can't wait to go back and see what they will be up to next.
Rendered plan of Polar Bear Odyssey (comozooconservatory.org)
Photos from our visit

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