17 December, 2022

Our Second Home in Florida Doesn’t Support our Social Life

Our Minnesota clients had a conundrum - they'd made all these great friends in their winter home-away-from–home, and it wasn't quite fit for entertaining! They said, "Our second home in Florida doesn't support our social life!" The kitchen was outdated and the furniture didn't help matters. But only after two years of living there did our clients realize how much that cherished place meant to them - so we got to work making sure those friendly faces would be welcomed with grace on every visit from then onward!


Space Planning for Your Social Life

Creating a space that could simply transform from an intimate oasis for two to the perfect party spot proved tricky - but not impossible! With careful planning and clever use of furniture, we created one unified living room. A rug was used as the lynchpin in this design plan; helping anchor elements so they complemented each other while creating distinct zones without feeling like a hallway divided it all up.

Second Home Floor plan.

Second Home in Florida Doesn't Support Our Social Life



After sketching out the floor plans, we crafted some fun elevation ideas to make their living space one of a kind. We made sure there was ample storage for all their books - as avid readers, it's no surprise that they had plenty! And with in-built display cases, she could show off her impressive collection and crafting skills honed from indigenous Florida basket-making techniques.


Our Second Home In Florida Elevations

Furnishings for Both Everyday and Social Occasions

To create a carefree and welcoming atmosphere, we tastefully mixed light-scale furnishings with playful lines in the living room and sitting area near the kitchen. We let different materials like wood, grass cloth, metal, and lacquer come together to fashion an inviting beach house without resorting to obvious references or cliches. Our goal was for every guest that stepped inside to feel comfortable enough to lounge around casually as they chat up a storm!

Our Second Home In Florida Furniture



The Perfect Palette for Our Second Home in Florida

To bring a cheerful air and effortless care to the space, we carefully curated fabrics and finishes. Our main upholstery was made of robust indoor-outdoor materials that could withstand whatever life throws at them! We incorporated fun patterns with tropical vibes but nothing too theme park-Esque - our one subtle tribute to Florida is an embroidered fabric featuring multicolored palm trees in small-scale detail – definitely paying homage to Florida's sunshiny landscape!

This material scheme would make our client's problem of "Our second home in Florida doesn't support our social life" disappear.

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Our Second Home In Florida Materials

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  1. Linda Merrill says:

    Looks like it will be spectacular Lisa! Love the soft palette.

  2. Janet Lorusso says:

    Great solutions, Lisa! This is going to be so lovely!

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