04 September, 2009

Our new studio is different by design

Yesterday we had the first client meeting in our new IMS studio. Our client wasn’t in the door more than five minutes before declaring, “This space has such great energy, it really fits who you are.”
He’s right. We now have an office that supports LiLu Interior’s boutique design studio experience.
[caption id="attachment_1583" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Welcome to LiLu Interiors."]Welcome to LiLu Interiors.[/caption]
Light and bright
We instantly gravitated to this studio with its expanse of windows and abundance of natural light. Our view of the Minneapolis skyline isn’t too bad either. And if we use binoculars, we might even be able to tell you the Twins score next summer.
Not at all blue
Walls are bathed in fresh white and LiLu blue. The front divider wall features contemporary blue wallpaper with a floral design. And as if IMS didn’t feel like home already, existing glass block windows on the back wall are shaded a matching blue tone.
Space for all
The majority of our studio space is devoted to accommodating ample resources and providing a shared space that supports our collaborative working style. We can stand, sit, sketch, draft, flip through books, pull samples, lay out projects and share ideas. But if we need a place to work individually, we each have an office to ourselves.
This new space has truly moved us. And we look forward to sharing that inspiration with you on your next project.

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