23 November, 2021

Our Job Continues During Construction – Peek at a Project

Our Job Continues During Construction

At Lilu, our job continues during construction. We don't abandon our clients once construction starts. By making site visits, we help ensure everything we specified for the interior of a home is being installed correctly, and that the vision is being executed just as we and our clients expected. Through this, we're able to advocate for our clients throughout the construction process, making sure everything not a single corner is cut.
Luckily for us, on the project we're featuring this week, we are working with a stellar team. Streeter Homes and PKA Architects. Check out Streeter Homes here, and PKA Architects here.
We will be taking you on a tour of all the plans for this home, but we have been so busy designing, we've only written about this project in two posts so far. One was about the kitchen design, which you can read here, and another was about the custom rug we have planned for the living room. Read it here!
As the construction of the home has unfolded, we have been busy attending site meetings where details are gone over, to ensure everyone is happy with the progress, including our clients.

Cedar Shingles and Interior Paint - Our Job Continues During Construction

We have been very involved in getting the exterior color for the cedar shingles just right because our job continues during construction. Early in the process, the clients had agreed to a "sandy" color for the siding. It was a bit difficult to find the perfect shade, but with the help of a color master on our team and a fabulous painting crew, we achieved the perfect color.
We also reviewed and had revisions done of the more than 20 interior paint colors we ended up using, ensuring they match the samples approved by our clients.
CedarShingles Cedar2 Cedar3

Wood Floor Stain - Our Job Continues During Construction

A key element of the home is the wood floor stain. Our construction team made several samples on the floor for us to match to a control sample approved months ago by our client. Now, the floors are stained and covered, but I can't wait for them to be revealed once again!
Stain1 Stain2 Stain3

Draperies, Cabinetry, and Porch Mantel

Our job continues during construction. We also meet with drapery and window treatment workrooms to confirm measurements and styles for all the window treatments.
As far as cabinetry goes, I love seeing the cabinetry come to life and see the drawings sketched over a year ago turn from a vision to reality.
In this project, we visited a reclaimed woodshop to finalize the exact timber that would be used on the porch mantel, and approved how it would be cut and installed.
Cabinetry1 Cabinetry2 Cabinetry3 Cabinetry4


To continue our work during construction, we work closely with the contractor, and if questions arise, we are there to answer them or make recommendations. For example, this tile was going to be difficult to cut in a vertical installation, and the tile installer wanted everything to be beautiful, so he suggested turning it. And, we agreed: it would look fabulous! By being available to answer these kinds of questions, we save our clients so much stress. Seeing a drawn tiles installation come to life is something we designers truly enjoy!
Tile4 Tile1 Tile2 Tile3


As a final example of how our work continues during construction when a question came up about television sizes in the family room, we went to the construction site and mocked up the sizes and the optimal seating location to ensure things were perfect, as we drew them before construction continued.
This is the perfect example of how we advocate for our clients during construction and ensure nothing goes wrong. A construction worker might not know what television a client has selected, or consider how seating location would impact the placement of a television in a space. Television placement and seating locations in living rooms and family rooms can really affect the feel and flow of the room. Since we continue our involvement in projects even after construction begins, the spaces we create alongside construction teams and architects consider every last detail.
TV1 TV2 TV3 TV4 PINTHIS Cream Photo Homemakers Pinterest Graphic (89)

Comments on Our Job Continues During Construction – Peek at a Project
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    Lisa – what a great post to show your readers how much goes into the details of design during the construction phase.
    I especially loved seeing the wood floor *control* sample that was approved by your clients months ago , and how you used that to ensure the wood stain on the floor, now being stained months later, was a match to it. That is so smart!

  2. Christie says:

    This project is looking amazing! I especially love the wood floor stain and the TV built in cabinetry!

  3. Janet R Lorusso says:

    This attention to detail is what makes all the difference! The only way to insure that everything gets executed perfectly is to have a design advocate that understands the impact of every decision, exactly as you describe here. Your clients are so lucky to have you!

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