19 September, 2013

On the Side

by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID
In the furniture world, there is a hierarchy of quality.
Holly Hunt is one design studio that produces only furniture pieces of the highest quality. All pieces are artisan made by people who are experts in working with a particular material. Today I want to share with you some top of the line eye candy. The amount of craftsmanship and care that goes into these tiny little tables is remarkable. And the end result is a work of art.
This little jewel comes in a  variety of colors. The light reflects off the table top and metal base and bounces around the room. It is stunning!

This piece has a thick, textured glass top set atop a metal base with smooth curves. It is created by a wax casting process and finished with hand polishing.


The design of this table was inspired by a diamond ring. The way the glass top in set on the base is reminiscent of a precious stone in a setting. It's the perfect piece of bling for a sophisticated room.


How cool is this? It's called the Spectacles table. Anybody who wears black rimmed glasses like this should have the Spectacles table in their home! (I'll call Justin Timberlake and let him know.)

It also comes in silver.

Side tables don't have to be an afterthought in a design. They can be the little jewels in the room, reflecting light, creating intrigue and delight. I'm going to be keeping these little gems pinned on my inspiration board and hopefully work them  into one of LiLu's next designs!