27 November, 2017

A Nursery Gender Reveal! (Peek at at Project Part 2)

A Nursery Gender Reveal!~ Peek at a Project Part 2!
At LiLu Interiors, we’ve been working on one of our most fun projects ever for one of our tiniest clients ever! We designed a baby nursery for an expecting mother who does not know the gender of her baby due in December….. BUT WE DO!
We designed several nursery options for a boy and several for a girl. We met with the couple and they chose a nursery design scheme for a boy and for a girl. We then obtained the top secret gender information and have been secretly ordering the nursery items from the design scheme for the baby’s gender BECAUSE WE KNOW! (Can you tell how much fun we’re having with this?!)
Today on the blog, we’re showing our girl nursery schemes. (Disclaimer- We can neither confirm, nor deny if it’s a girl!!!) We showed you our boy nursery schemes on a past blog. Check it out here.
The couple wanted to use navy and gray as a neutral background for the nursery. The easily changeable items (crib sheets, art, blankets, accessories, etc) could be gender specific. Their favorite design scheme for a girl was the Preppy Nautical scheme. The mommy-to-be grew up on a lake and loved the nautical details. The daddy-to-be loved the preppy details. If the new baby is a girl, you’ll see the end result in December when we reveal the installed nursery after the baby’s birthday! Stay tuned to the blog for the final nursery gender reveal as the fun unfolds!
nursery gender reveal LiLu Interiors
nursery gender reveal LiLu Interiors
nursery gender reveal LiLu Interiors
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