26 July, 2020

New Third Space At Home -Part Two-According to LiLu

The New Third Space-Part Two
According to LiLu

The New Third Space at Home-Part Two

Last week I wrote about the third place and I’m doubling down this week. We are having a rainy day here in Minneapolis and it’s a bit of a glimpse ahead to winter. While I hope the libraries, restaurants, and coffee shops are fully open in winter, I know everyone is going to have varying levels of comfort hanging out for long periods of time in public spaces. I want us all to be full of inspiration about what we can create as a place to be at home.
One thing I am taking away from this time is that the only place where I can create the ideal experience for me, and my family is at home. The only person I have control of is me. It’s really got me thinking more about how this long trip on this mission of intentional living and creating beauty in the world is exactly my purpose in life. I am hoping our blog inspires you to think about the experiences you can create at home.
If you didn’t catch last week's blog. Check it out here.
And here's a bit of a recap…
The purpose of the third space, in my mind, is two-fold.
First to be a place to build community and be social. This may look different now but is it possible to create a spot like this at home?
Second, it is a place to be light, disconnected from the news, and the stressors of daily life. It seems more than possible to me that we can design a light, happy place in our homes! So today I will examine some more possibilities for a new third place at home!
Last week we shared inspiration for craft spaces, exercise rooms, and outdoor spaces. Next week join us for our ideas on how to extend the use of your outdoor spaces into fall and winter.
If you are thinking about remodeling a space to create different experiences at home and need professional guidance to take to the next level, give LiLu a call.

Game Rooms

I’ve always been a fan of the game table. For a busy family, it’s hard to find a spot to play a board game, do a puzzle, or hang out without clearing off the kitchen or dining table.
A game room is an ideal third space. A spot where you can set up a game, enjoy laughs without looking at the kitchen that needs some attention, and just hang out and have fun. The bonus is you can leave a long game of Monopoly or a puzzle out and return to it another day without inconveniencing other members of our family or adding stress to daily routines.
Below are some great shoppable links to get your own game room started.
The New Third Place At Home The New Third Place At Home The New Third Place At Home

 Bars- The New Third Space at Home

We recently did a project (pre-pandemic) with the inspiration that our client wanted their lower level to feel like a bar and lounge in a boutique hotel. Sounds even better now than it did then. A trip down the stairs and you could be in a different experience and a space that evokes a mood of letting go and enjoying. They were already embracing the idea of a new third place at home, as a place for a teen and adult hang out
Here are a couple of recent bars that we designed. One of the best ways to have a getaway at home is to plan the experience that is meaningful to you and plan the space that will support you in the best way.  A bar can feel like an evening out at a restaurant. Order takeout and getaway at home.
We are sharing some of our favorite barware and accessories to complete your home bar.
The New Third Place At Home The New Third Place At Home The New Third Place At Home

Meditation Rooms

Health and wellness are important to all of us and we have quite a few blogs focused on wellness including Why Wellness at Home Matters.
Making sure they maintain both physical and mental health is a common intention for many of our clients. I’ve doubled my meditation time the past few months and a meditation room is top on my list of spaces I’d like to create. If you have a spare room and like doing yoga, pilates, and meditating having a dedicated space that could double as a quiet space to be would be a great thing.
Look at spare bedrooms, attic rooms, or a space that is currently underused to convert to a meditation room.
New to meditation? Below find some meditation essentials for your shopping pleasure.
The New Third Place At Home The New Third Place At Home

Bringing Intention Home

For more than a decade, LiLu Interiors has been designing intentional living environments that reflect the singular values and needs, lifestyle and aesthetics of each individual client. With care, joy and trust, we’ll creatively collaborate with you to design a home that uniquely expresses who you are and how you live. Intentional design, no matter the style, requires thoughtful attention to detail and deliberate choices.
Let’s make life better. Let’s bring your intentions home.

This like many of our Sunday blogs is shoppable. While we may receive a small commission from the links your price will remain the same.

The New Third Place At Home The New Third Place At Home

Comments on New Third Space At Home -Part Two-According to LiLu
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    I love this whole post, Lisa. Game rooms are definitely *A Third Place* and so many unused guest bedrooms could be turned into a game room. And even though an unused guest room might be very close by another bedroom, and may not seem like a game room type space, if it’s well designed, and has a door that shuts, the ambience goes from serious to fun.. in a heartbeat!
    And..the idea of a bar/lounge is such a fun one, too! There are so many possibilities right now to rethink space usage. I appreciate this thought provoking post!

  2. Janet Lorusso says:

    Creating places for stress-free experiences at home is more important now than ever! I love the idea of a bar/game room! Rethinking space to incorporate a place to have puzzles or games that don’t disrupt dining is so ideal, and that game room/bar with the blue cabinetry is so pretty!

  3. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    I love the idea that “A trip down the stairs and you could be in a different experience and a space that evokes a mood of letting go and enjoying” I think I need a backgammon bar at my house. My balcony has become the “mediation room” already.

  4. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Lisa, these are great third room ideas for a home. It’s funny, as I read your blog, I thought of the home I grew up in. We had a ‘games room’ wth a pool table and bar. We also had a set ‘TV room’ where we would watch TV. I never really thought about it until your blog. Those rooms were definitely put together by my mom as definite areas to ‘let go.”

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