03 September, 2014

New Rhythms

By Lisa Peck, ASID
Over the last few weeks all the children have returned to school, college students have been launched on their adventure by parents, who both grieve and celebrate, the summer visits to the lake home have ended, the pace of life, the rhythm will change for all. As I think about changing rhythms, I can easily relate it to create space for the vision we have for our lives. At LiLu Interiors in Minneapolis and in the High Country of North Carolina, we want your home to support you.

Every family, depending on it's makeup and stage in life has a unique rhythm and it's pace will pick-up or slow down as summer turns to fall. The change of pace can be supported by a carefully designed space. So often we work with clients who feel they will design theirs space, move in and then "figure out" where to store things, how to access pleasant views, how the function of the space will support their lives, but focusing only on the aesthetics of a home can lead to frustration, disappointment and stress. When designing a space you must start first with a vision of what you want for your life, or at least how your life in this room will function. Looking at your core values and being mindful of how you see your life being best supported by your environment is key.
As you consider the changes to live this fall here are some questions to ask yourself?  Depending on your answer, you may want to consider a design project that will help you be able to support your life, and have your home reflect your core values.
1) Do you have spaces in your home to work on a hobby that fills your cup? Yes? Proceed to next question. No? Find Inspiration Here, Here and Here.
2)Does your family have daily stress due to lack of organization for paperwork? Yes? Look here for inspiration and here, and here. No? Proceed to next question.
3)Do you feel like you would like to have more home cooking and family meals where you can come together and converse? Yes? Look here, here and here for inspiration. No? Proceed to next question.
4) Do you and your spouse have a retreat in your home that supports your time together? Yes? Proceed to next question. No? Find inspiration, and more and more inspiration.
5)Does your home embrace you when you walk through your door? No? Find Inspiration Here and Here.
There are so many questions to ask yourself when trying to life a mindful life. Having space that supports you is critical to doing so. At LiLu Interiors we are experts in helping you create space that helps you live your best life. Give us a call to create an ideal space for you!