22 January, 2010

New Orleans Details

by LuAnne Silvia
One morning while I was on vacation in New Orleans I awoke early, grabbed my camera and went for a walk around the French Quarter. I wanted to experience the neighborhood when it was quiet (is it ever really quiet?) by myself and absorb the details. As a designer thinking through the details is important. I can't help but notice how patterns mix, colors relate, finishes interact, materials transition, how scale and proportion manipulate, how all elements come together to create rhythmn, balance, emphasis.
The following photographs are of things I found inspiring, interesting, humorous. Some are from my quiet morning walk, and others are not! But they are all details that make up New Orleans that I took note of and wanted to remember.
Jackson Square early in the morning
jackson square am
Jackson Square on a Sunday afternoon
jackson square pm
Jackson Square from a different perspective
French Quarter Streetsdetail 5
detail photo
Crescent City water cover
Cornstalk Hotel fencecorn fence
Hosuing details: color and materialsstep 1
step 2
Housing details: ironworkdetail photo 2
Housing details: welcome signdetail photo 3
Scale and proportiondetail 6
Decorationdetail 4
Iron railingsa
One of my favorite places - Lafitte's Blacksmith ShopIMG_0136