21 January, 2010

New Orleans Art

by LuAnne Silvia
My next favorite thing to do while on vacation after touring historic homes is to head to the art museums and galleries. New Orleans has  an abundance of both! There are miles of art galleries and antique shops interrupted only by yummy places to eat. I love buying original art while on vacation. It works well to find a smaller scale piece for a couple of reasons: you can carry it home easily and also it will fit nicely into an intimate corner of your home. With smaller scale pieces of art you can easily relocate them within your home to keep things fresh. It works well to place smaller art on a ledge, bookshelf or fireplace mantel, pop on an easel, or hang in a nook  above a lounge chair. Two galleries that I especially liked are the Robert Guthrie Gallery and the Rodrigue Studio, both on Royal Street in the French Quarter. I loved the color and energy of the watercolors by Robert Guthrie (and bought one for myself) and the heritage and story behind the Blue Dog paintings by the Louisiana born Cajun artist George Rodrigue. They both capture the rich uniqueness of New Orleans.
robert guthrie jazz-balconies
Jazz Balconies by Robert Guthrie
Jackson Square by Robert Guthrie
Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop by Robert Guthrie
Balcony Ferns by Robert Guthrie
blue dog gallery
aioli dinner
Aioli Dinner by George Rodrigue
Sunshine When You're Gone by George Rodrigue
Once More I'm Thinking Of You Again by George Rodrigue

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