03 February, 2010

New Energy New Showrooms

by Lisa Peck
Another great thing that is happening around us at IMS is growth and change. There are new showrooms opening up this year, providing new resources to architects and designers and their clients throughout Minnesota.  Here are a few of our favorite new showrooms
Blended Blue which features some of our favorite fabric and furniture lines. www.blendedblue.com



Uson Design Solutions featuring tile, wood flooring and plumbing fixtures. www.usondesign.com



The Jon Arlen Group has a very fashion foward look and a nice blend of furnishings.

Manly Man Bling from Showrooms 011

The Jon Hampton Collection has a fresh style we all enjoy.

Other showrooms who have opened this year include Hickory Chair, Hoffsommer Et Cie and an art gallery. Come down and visit us at IMS you to will find the new energy and resources inspiring. New openings are just around the corner, we will keep you up to date with what's happening in our new building.

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