24 May, 2020

New American Classics-Dunes and Duchess

New American Classics-Dunes and Duchess

I first met Stacy Kunstel at Blog Fest, sponsored by Kravet in 2011. At the time, she told me she had a candelabra business. Since then, her business with partner,  Michael Partenio has flourished and I’ve become a steadfast fan. They have created a line that is a new American Classics.
On this Memorial Day, I wanted to reshare the beauty of this American made line with you! At LiLu Interiors, we love working with American makers and have been presenting a line-up of them on the blog.
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Dunes and Duchess is now a robust line of candlebras, lamps, light fixtures, tables, and accessories.
New American Classics-Dunes and Duchess

Fresh Traditions

This line is a new American classic because it has the feeling of something that has its roots in the past but it feels fresh. The sense of history it has is familiar and allows all of the pieces to look timeless.
This is an example of the Island House Mirror in a fresh looking entry. With all of the bobbin-like turnings, you could imagine that the owners of this home inherited this mirror from their great-grandmother but the limed oak finish is a stylish update.
It looks so comfortably chic mixed with these beachy pieces.
New American Classics-Dunes and Duchess

Timeless Turnings

Turned wood speaks to hand-made craftsmanship that in my book, makes a piece of furniture, or in this case a lamp, an instant classic. Quality, hand-made pieces are worth holding on to forever and working into new spaces as your home changes.
All the layers in this bedroom allow it to feel timeless. Designed today or a few decades ago? Who can tell?
New American Classics-Dunes and Duchess


It did all start with candelabras! At the time that I met Stacy, I thought how much demand can there be for candelabras? Well, after seeing spaces styled with Dunes and Duchess candelabras, I understand…with candelabras like these, people will create occasions to use them.
Isn’t this tables scape with the Moderne Candelabra insanely beautiful? Check out more of these classic candelabras here.

A Nautical Nod

With names like Sailors Knot lamp and Captain’s table, you get a clear impression the designs in the Dunes and Duchess line are heavily influenced by the seaside locales loved by this husband and wife duo.
Despite this reference, the designs look equally comfortable in many locations. I’ve included them in urban homes and lake homes. They are equally successful in both locations.
How sophisticated and chic do these “nautical” pieces look in this dressing room?

Classic Glamour

One of the things I first fell in love with about Dunes and Duchess were the luscious lacquer finishes. From navy to bright yellow, they offer 14 standard lacquer colors. You can see here.
Since then they’ve added a practical limed oak and glamorous gold to the line.
In this living room, the gold adds a jewelry-like touch to the design.

Versatile Style

After reviewing there few interiors, I’m sure you understand how the designs of Dunes and Duchess are truly timeless and versatile. Need more proof or just more beauy in your life? Follow Dunes and Duchess on Instagram.
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Comments on New American Classics-Dunes and Duchess
  1. Donna Mancini says:

    I love the classic style shown here! You’re right in that it has a sense of character and history so that it could have been designed years ago, or today!

  2. Leslie Carothers says:

    Lisa – truly, there pieces are *The New American Classics*. I’ve known this talented duo for a long time, in real life, and not only is their furniture gorgeous, but so are they – inside and out. I’m so glad to see them featured here in your blog!

  3. Linda Merrill says:

    Dunes and Duchess has really grown into a wonderful brand – they work so hard and their designs are really fresh and new!

  4. Janet Lorusso says:

    I love their stuff! Such a distinctive and fresh style. I love that they’ve added the limed oak and gilded finishes too – it makes their pieces even MORE versatile!

  5. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Lisa, what a great share of Dunes and Duchess. All of their pieces are truly beautiful. I’m now following them on IG too!

  6. Deborah Main says:

    I loved reading about Stacy’s Dune & Duchess line. I’ve seen lots of designers use it but not seen in person or met her yet. I love American Made products and you showcase hers beautifully. Thx for sharing!

  7. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Wow, what beautiful pieces. Love that sophisticated dressing room, especially!

  8. Amy Wax says:

    What a great post Lisa, I love the design of their line, these beautiful pieces make the details of a room really shine!

  9. Suzi Rugg says:

    My favorite is the chick living room! Love these timeless looks!

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