01 May, 2017

Net Zero Design—Monday’s Peek at a Project

“We wanted everything to be net-zero design, not just the house itself.”
net zero design
That was the challenge set before us by homeowners and clients Mark and Kate. They had a dream of creating a home that would be energy efficient and built with sustainable and environmentally responsible materials.
But efficiency could not come at the expense of livability.
“We didn’t want our house to look like a grain silo,” Mark said.
And so LiLu, in partnership with SALA Architects, set out to create a home that would combine comfort with consciousness.
As designers, we understand the important role LiLu can play in helping homeowners create interiors that support a lifestyle designed specifically for sustainability and efficiency. That is why we were overjoyed to collaborate on this net zero home in Roseville.
By incorporating intentional design and green materials, Mark and Kate return as much energy back into the grid as it takes for them to power an entire home and two cars. You can read more of the story this week in the LiLu Blog.