30 May, 2018

Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin-Design Hero-According to LiLu

I love makers! People who are original, create and inspire others to be creative! One of my maker heros is Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin. As a fashion designer and thought leader, I admire her.

Natalie Chanin-Design Hero

First the philosophy

Natalie has centered her fashion business around a well-thought out philosophy that includes so many aspects that I admire! Natalie uses organic cotton and a supply chain that is local and regional. She is dedicated to slow-fashion meaning that her garments are made with quality in mind and designs that are meant to last. When I first read about her practical approach to fashion, I was thrilled, Stylish garments that move with you and allow you to move, do the grocery shopping and pick up a child! Yes, Please!
In addition, the garments she sells are made in Alabama by skilled tailors who make a good wage for their work. Check out the fashions on her website!

Next the garments

The variety of fashion that can be created with is something I truly appreciate as a designer. The simplest garments still have some amount of embroidery, top-stitching which is a detail I love. Then there’s the applique and reverse applique that creates pattern and intricacy that is beautiful in all it’s aspects. I love both the simpler garments for every day wear and the appliqued pieces that make each piece completely unique.

Next the Mission

Natalie seems to be on a mission to elevate and spread sewing and craft. She has written books that give easy access to patterns and techniques, so anyone can start their own slow fashion practice. She has online courses, build a wardrobe groups and workshops that people can attend at her factory in Alabama. She has a dedicated stitch along group on Facebook where home sewers can share their projects and exchange tips. Spreading the craft and igniting an interest in this unique form of sewing and garment embellishment is Natalie’s mission.