25 August, 2010

Must See Interiors – The Tides, South Beach

By Emily Anderson, Allied Member ASID
Let's make this Wednesday officially, "Kelly Wearstler Day!" The next stop on our tour of must see interiors is The Tides in South Beach. Although this is an example of awe-inspiring interior design, this space for me is less about the location and more about the designer, Kelly Wearstler. Some have called her the Dorothy Draper of our generation. If you have read my previous blog entries, this will all make sense.
I think you will appreciate Wearstler's design aesthetic. Her interiors have a level of drama and luxury that isn't often achieved. LiLu has used and admired many of her fabrics designed for F. Schumacher and Groundworks for Lee Jofa. She just gets it. She understands interior design is about an experience.
Isn't everything in South Beach classified as a must see? In a city with an overabundance of luxury, where everything and everyone seems to scream, "look at me!", Wearstler's interiors still stand out.





These images are from Wearstler's website.

I found the following review of their stay at the Tides from "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" on Telegraph, a travel website. It made me laugh and I think it summarizes Wearstler's design success and The Tides experience nicely:

"Turning our gaze back to the room, we realise with a start we can see through it. Across the tiger rug, past the empty martini glasses and over the gigantic white bed, we look straight into the bathroom - through a giant plate-glass wall that showcases a four-person sized shower. That would be fun.

While Mr Smith loses himself in thoughts of all that suds and soapiness, I wander off in the direction of the walk-in closet, which is larger than our bedroom back in Manhattan. It is all topped off with a 'skinny mirror', effectively making any gazer look taller, slimmer and more fabulous. I like this mirror. A lot. Mr Smith maintains, though, that it makes me look 'too skinny'. Doesn't he know that such a concept doesn't exist?




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