13 August, 2018

The Organized Mudroom: Peek at a Project


Happy Monday! Here's a quick look at a mudroom LiLu designed for our clients with 4 kids and a dog! It goes without saying that this busy family has a lot of stuff! The mudroom directly off of the garage entry not only needs lots of storage, but the right kind of storage. Because the mud room is long and narrow, it was the perfect space to line up a wall of lockers. There's one for each kid, and one for Sid (the dog). Sid's locker is closed storage to keep his food and other tasty treats out of his reach! On the opposite wall, there's a closet for mom and dad and guest coat storage. There's also a dump desk for everybody, complete with charging station.
That's what makes a great mudroom; just right storage, right where you need it!
mudroom slide