30 August, 2017

Mudroom Organization

Mudroom Organization is a must have in every home especially those who have busy schedules with many bodies going from here to there. With the start of school just around the corner we thought we would give a few insider tips on how to make the most of your Entry or Mudroom.  We have identified some key things that every space should have, some bonus features and how a better organized mudroom can help you each day put your best foot forward.

Shoes, Boots, Sandals Oh My!

I don't think there is anything worse then walking into your home and tripping over shoes and seeing the visual chaos that they can bring.  Having a place where everyone's shoes can go is a hot commodity in most homes and let's face it, we don't all have the space to designate to shoe storage alone.  I mean in my dream world, my closet looks like Carrie's from Sex and the City.  A girl can dream right?  Here are few unique, custom ways where all types of footwear can be stored.
Mudroom Organization-shoe storage

Coat, Bags and Totes!

We all come with STUFF.  We have tote bags with things we bring home from the office, kids have backpacks filled with their homework, forms, artwork and pets have leashes and potty bag. Human or non we just all have things that we need to get through each day.  Cubbies, Lockers, and Hooks are all great ways to accommodate everyone in your household.  If you checked out our peek at a project on Monday you saw a great way to add custom details into your mudroom.  From pull out shoe storage to closed storage for off season items this mudroom has it all.
A great way to keep everyone organized are cubbbies that house hooks for jackets and backbags, underneath storage for shoes and boots as well as bins to put gloves, hats, mittens and all the miscellaneous.  This is a great mudroom we designed a few years ago:
Mudroom Organization-Custom Mudroom designed by LiLu Interiors

Bench Solutions

A place to sit is great for everyone!  Whether you are young or old, limber or not...we can all use a seat to put on our shoes or have a place to set items.  Below is one of my favorite bench and storage solutions we have designed for a few clients.  A custom solution that changes to fit your needs and your space.
Mudroom Organization-Custom Bench Solution Designed by LiLu Interiors A couple of things to remember to help keep you organized:

  • Have a 'drop zone.'  By incorporating a place where you can set the mail, your keys or purse you are able to set things done as you enter your home.  This can also become a place where one would know where the daily mail gets put, perhaps even important paperwork.
  • Keep it simple and easy.  Having hooks for young children to be able to hang their jackets and backpacks makes it possible you can find them at any given time but also keeps it easy for them to put their things away with no excuses!  Keep them low and change them as they grow taller.
  • Keep a bin for easy grab items.  Always forgetting those re-useable shopping bags when you leave the house?  Have a spot close to the door where you can see them.  Easy in and Easy out.
  • Have a baskets or drawer for hats, mittens and gloves.  Each person can have one with a label and that will leave out any confusion on who's is who's
  • Remember that jackets, bags, shoes and many more items all come in different shapes and sizes so make sure to measure and take inventory before doing anything