08 May, 2015

Mother’s Love….Art

By Lisa Peck, ASID
I am a mom and with Mother's Day coming up, I've been thinking about the best gifts. Top of my list is always a creative project made by my kids. I understand their is such an artwork hidden in my house waiting for Sunday and I can't wait to see the special expression of love made by hand with care and thought. If you don't have an artistic flair, may I suggest considering locally created art for a Mothers Day gift. Here is a Friday's Look of the Day made of art that would make a great gift. From something to hang on the wall, to a scarf to wear to a garden bench art will be a memory to savor over a lifetime.

Art Clockwise from upper left Farida Hughes, Monica Rudquist, Jodi Reeb, Sheryl Tourila, Farida Hughes. Visit a local gallery and pick up some art this Mothers Day.