09 January, 2017

Monday’s Peek at Project: Custom Armoire

By Christina Rymer, Allied Member ASID
Here at LiLu, we design custom furniture often for our clients.  It is one of the many fun and creative things we get to do.
There are usually a few different reasons for this:

  • -size requirements are unique and not found on the market
  • -storage needs are more demanding
  • -a price point we need to hit
  • -unique finish options are not available

Problem solver is one of our many “hats” that we get the privilege to wear.  When people hear custom they often think expensive but this is not always the case.  When you get custom you get exactly the piece of furniture that you need for the space and to look exactly how you want it and we at LiLu love to solve your problem.
Today's Peek at Project is for a client's hallway that after many months of trying to find the perfect piece for their upper hallways that would be a beautiful, focal point as you enter from the stairs, provide extra linen storage as well as extra clothes storage for the husband that was affordable but large in scale.  Two large doors open with shelves and a hanging rod on the inside, for blankets, towels, toilet paper and clothes storage.  One large drawer is located at the bottom for all things extra! On the front of the doors, is a wallcovering to add that perfect pop of color, texture and pattern that you can be sure you wouldn't find anywhere else!

Check back later this week to see some more creative furniture solutions by all of us here at LiLu!