22 August, 2016

Monday’s Peek at Home #13 on the AIA Tour

Interior Designers are highly skilled in selecting the perfect paint color. And not only for your interior. We are often asked to select finishes for the exterior of a home. We understand the subtle nuances and see the broad range in values, shades, tints.   Which of the four colors do you like? Keep reading to find out which of these four paint colors the homeowner chose for their new home that will be featured on the upcoming AIA tour!
As interior designers we are trained to select color from a small swatch, we can visualize how it will look when it is painted on the entire wall. Most of our clients need a little help picturing what it will really look like. We had four colors painted on the side of the house so the client could see the color with the other surrounding finishes. Which one do you like? Join us on September 17th and 18th to find out which of these four colors the client chose!
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