18 January, 2016

Monday’s Peek at a Project

By Christina Rymer, Allied Member ASID

Monday's Peek at a Project are two bathrooms in a commercial space where LiLu thought differently through design about the elements that had to go into the bathroom.  With commercial spaces there are many more codes that need to be met, but codes don't have to mean ugly or that  design principles get thrown out the window.  LiLu loves a challenge and we love to be innovative with materials and their uses.  Take a peek at two bathrooms below and see how LiLu took on the challenge and created two beautiful spaces that are classic and stunning all while meeting code.

These ADA Bathrooms have a unique floor plan.  Angled Walls and 5’-0” turnaround was a design problem at it’s best.  We inlaid a herringbone pattern with this porcelain tile that was made to reflect marble while being slip resistant and durable.  It is timeless and beautiful.  The herringbone pattern helps to create interest on the floor in a large space so that one will not feel overwhelmed but welcomed.

PowerPoint Presentation

For the countertop detail, we thought outside the box for the back splash.  With using the countertop as the back splash, we drew a pattern that had traditional elements and detail to add interest to the space.  Many times the set on back splash is just a 4" High slab of the countertop and nothing else is thought of it.  The back splash is a needed element especially in commercial spaces.  It protects the wall from water damage, conceals gaps in your wall and brings forth another opportunity for color, texture, or pattern.

Countertop Detail