26 November, 2012

Monday Peek at a Project: Spokane, WA

By Christina Winter, Allied Member ASID
Today's peek at a project comes from a project located out of state...Spokane, WA to be exact.  It so much fun to have projects outside of Minnesota and one of the things that we love to do is to get to know the area a little more.  Find out the demographics, what the weather is like, the 'feel' on the streets, even the vegetation.  The surrounding environment is important to know when designing for any space.  Are there certain views you would like to accentuate?  Are there certain colors that are acceptable or not?  What is the vibe of the people that live there? 
Well Spokane is alot like the Minneapolis area with a population of 210,000 + which is slightly less than here.  It is located on the Spokane River much like we are located on the Mississippi.  Lots of lush vegetation and beautiful site lines.  It feels urban and industrial while still being down to Earth.

Here are some textiles that we will be including that feel so "Spokane!"

Metro, Urban and Meridian from Arc Com Fabrics

Brooch by Design Tex

Sari by Design Tex