04 August, 2014

Monday Peek at a Project

By LuAnne Silvia, ASID
For me, by the time the month of August arrives it seems like summer is just kicking into high gear...although I am reminded that summer - as defined by the school year - is coming to an end in just 4 weeks! It is officially back to school shopping time according to retailers. Seeing large bins and endless shelves of various school and home office supplies has shifted my thinking to all things organized.

At LiLu Interiors we love to bring ease into our client's lives by designing carefully planned and well thought-out rooms that provide storage for every thing and space for every activity. As a designer (and because I am a organizational junkie!) I get so excited to dive into all the details of designing every inch of our client's mudrooms, craft rooms, playrooms, home offices, and laundry rooms to figure out the perfect solution to keep everything neat and tidy.
Here is a space we designed for a busy mother of four who needed a multi-purpose room to act as command central. It includes a message center, home office desk and file drawers, gift wrapping counter and storage, cabinet for shopping purchases and returns, craft desk, calendar, school communication slots, bulletin board. Having just completed the planning and specification stage, we can't wait until this is constructed and installed!