08 July, 2013

Monday Peek at a Project

By LuAnne Silvia, ASID
At LiLu Interiors we have the pleasure of working with a variety of clients and types of projects, no two are alike! It is such a joy to get to know each client and help discover what they love to do, and then create a space for them to do it. A space that welcomes them home and supports their life.
A recent project we had the opportunity to think creatively and design a Minneapolis Condo, creating spaces that are equally welcoming for a single woman as they are for entertaining family and friends. Our task was to create a home that would be peaceful, warm, inviting, and provide a place to rest and recharge from a hectic long work schedule. Our client loves to travel and loves color, and has bright uplifting artwork. Our concept for the compact condo was to have the space be simple, purposeful and visually organized, and spirited with global references. Provide spaces that would be relaxing for one and multi functional for larger groups. Anchoring the open floor plan with a sectional and a dining room banquette/bench seating does both! Placing a larger piece of furniture in a compact open space keeps it visually organized, makes a large open space feel cozy and easy to have lots of family or friends over. In the TV room an efficient built-in with a contrast wall finish adds interest to a organized functional space. Take a peek at the furnishing plan for this smart space with lots of personality...