25 March, 2013

Monday Peek at a Project

By Christina Winter, Allied Member ASID

At LiLu, we know that things are constantly changing, constantly growing and one thing that we know that we need to be flexible, grow with those changes and be creative when having to re-look at something to find a new solution. We have a client who needs more space in their waiting area.  Their needs have changed, they have grown and so they came to us to find out how they can better utilize their existing space.

The existing space plan seats 7 in the Reception while having 3 spots for kids to sit on the kid size table.  Below are the existing fabrics and furniture that are in the space. 



Below are two options for space plans that we gave our clients.  They both open up the option to seat 14 in the space including the kid items as we proposed to them to use it as a both a coffee table and a "kid" table.  The first option divides the space while the second option is more open and has more floor space.  In both options, we have added two new benches: one in the elevator and area and one when you first enter the space.  Both offer additional seating and privacy if needed.  We added in one more fabric while being able to add in existing fabrics.  We are excited to see the new and improved space.