16 December, 2015

Mix and Match

By Christina Rymer, Allied Member ASID
Here at LiLu Interiors, we love to mix and match patterns, finishes, furniture frames, and textures.  We are asked many times at meetings with our clients, “Is it okay to mix chrome with satin nickel?” or “Don’t we want all the woods to be the same?” We love to stretch our clients beyond the expected to unexpected…that is why they hired us!
One way we love to get a custom look for our clients is using a variety of metals, woods, painted finishes, scales, colors and textures.  Take a look at a few projects done by the LiLu team that showcase our expertise of mixing and matching.  Whatever your mix is, LiLu Interiors will listen, engage and be up to the challenge of how we can bring your unique style to life in your home.
Why do we mix and match? Why do we mix and match? Why do we mix and match?

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