04 October, 2010

Minnesota Colors and Connections

By LuAnne Silvia, ASID
I participated in the inline skating marathon in Duluth early one Saturday morning this past September. I learned it is a world cup event and that people come from all over to skate along the shores of Lake Superior from Two Harbors to Duluth. In talking to many people it is one of their favorite inline events because of the inspiring scenery. And it is! The views are especially breathtaking in the early morning, in early fall, in Northern Minnesota.
Soon after the marathon I was strolling through the Centennial Lakes Art Fair and came across a photographer from Duluth.  The artist's insightful vision captured our Minnesota landscape of organic textures, intense colors, clear waters and shifting light into stunning interpretations. The photographs are so beautiful that one imagines how beautiful these places are when you are standing there drinking it all in. The layering of combinations that exist in nature are awe inspiring.
I was compelled to purchase Jay Steinke's book, Lake Superoir North Shore Experience, so I could enjoy the scenery whenever I wanted and to remind me of my recent trip to Duluth. The book 's color photographs of vast perspectives and close up rhythms illustrate the changing seasons. A few favorites are narrated with personal behind the lens stories by the photographer. It is the next bext thing to experiencing it firsthand.
With fall comes new introductions for the home furnishings industry. The colors, patterns, forms of many collections we have seen recently have reminded me of our Minnesota landscape. Check out the blog this week to see inspiring new home fashions in Minnesota colors.

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