30 May, 2021

Meet the Maker-Aronson Woodworks {Before They are TOO Famous}According to LiLu


Meet the Maker-Aronson Woodworks

I hope you are enjoying our meet the maker series. Today, meet the maker, Aronson Woodworks.
What first caught my eye when I saw the work of Aronson Woodworks was the beauty of their finishes. It highlights wood grain in a way that is similar to the ceruse finish we all know and love. It is a modern take on the look of highlighting the grain in wood. The beauty of the "Claize"  finishes from Aronson Woodworks is a lingering beauty. The ingenuity behind this patent-pending finish is astonishing. It's made wood grain feel fresh and fabulous to me.
Once the eye-catching finish hooked me, I got to know Aronson Woodworks better. And my admiration grew.
Take a look at the finishes that inspired me to find out more about this wonderful furniture.
In case you missed it the first in the series, was about Jill Rosenwald. READ IT HERE. Remember to join us once a month this year for a meet the maker post.

Focus on Sustainability

One of the things I learned about Aronson after their good looks hooked me, is that they have a great story of sustainability. Much of their work is executed in Ash because of it's unique and beautiful grain. Because of the Emerald Ash Borer, many cities are removing all ash trees, both infected and healthy from their boulevards in an effort to protect their infrastructure.  Aronson Woodworks  harvests urban Ash that would otherwise end up in landfills or as mulch.  Read more about the effort to salvage urban ash trees here.
At LiLu, we love a sustainable company! Many of our clients have expressed their concern for aligning themselves with companies and products that care about being good stewards of the earth as well.  Aronson Woodworks does good for the world while creating beautiful, quality furniture? I'm impressed now!

Commitment to Manufacturing in the US

Need another reason to love Aaronson Woodworks? Look no further than their commitment to using all vendors that supply product from the US. Supporting US manufacturing is a topic that is often spoken of as a goal. Here's  your chance to get behind a company who is committed to making sure their parts from finishes, to metal are all made and manufactured in the US. What's not to like?

Open to Collaboration

If all of these attributes aren't enough for you, here's the cherry on the cake! Aronson Woodworks loves collaborating with designers on custom designs! . They like us as much as we like them! If you love their finishes but are wanting a little bit different piece for a special client, they will work with you. Everything from a custom finish to a custom frame!
If you want a piece of furniture that is fully custom, they will work with you on it. Really your imagination is the only limit. Read more about their collaborative nature here.
We love creating furniture that is custom designed for our clients with unique functions and beautiful craftsmanship. Read more about a bar cabinet and dining table we designed.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

If all of this isn't enough to make you want to meet the maker, Aronson Woodworks. Their beautiful craftsmanship should cinch the deal. The joinery and crisp line of their standard pieces is so well executed! Butterfly joints are emphasized by the finish so you really appreciate the heirloom quality of each piece of furniture.
So say you are so in love, you need to see a little bit of this beauty every day? I don't suggest going to Iowa and stalking them...simply follow along on their Instagram to see what Aronson Woodwork is up too.

Comments on Meet the Maker-Aronson Woodworks {Before They are TOO Famous}According to LiLu
  1. Jill Laine says:

    I love how they are made in the US and sustainable. And beautiful designs to boot! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Sheri Bruneau says:

    What a great introduction to Aronson Woodworks! In my city (Calgary, AB, CANADA), we had to have our Ash tree removed (cut down) as well. I love knowing that this company is working with Ash instead of all of the trees heading to the landfill.
    Thanks for the introduction to this company!

  3. Janet R Lorusso says:

    Thank you for highlighting this artisan, Lisa! Such beautiful designs and incredible craftsmanship!

  4. Lenore Spinelli says:

    I love this concept! Meet The Maker. Thank you for this introduction to Aronson.

  5. Sheri Bruneau says:

    I love this series, Lisa! Thank you for the introduction!

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