13 September, 2017

Media Room Musts-According to LiLu

By Lisa Peck
I've been talking to many fellow parents who are feeling like the re-entry to school, fall activities and the crisp cadence of fall has been challenging. Many a melt-down has happened and not just from kids! One thing our family does when the world seems too much and we are exhausted from all the going is pick a favorite movie, pop some corn and revel in a shared experience.
When watching a movie at home you have an opportunity to craft your own experience. There are no restrictions on how comfortable or cozy you can make your space. All the choices are up to you. Lighting, seating, screen size and general ambience! Here's a few tips on thinking through the design of your media room.


On Monday we shared a media room project where the client couple each wanted a little bit different seating. For her a sectional with space for a cuddle with the kids or the dog. See the post here.
When you go to the theater the seating leaves much to be desired. There have been improvements in recent years with stadium seating that reclines but the fabric is still chosen for maximum wear not comfort.
Here are the top things to consider with seating.
Do you love your personal space? Then chair or recliner seating is for you!
Love luxury? Consider soft chenille, velvet or a luxury alpaca fabric for a cuddle in luxury experience.
Want to use movie time as bonding time with family? Consider a big, comfy sectional with chaise ends or a huge ottoman!
Media Room Must-Seating


My best advice with lighting is flexibility! I love to knit when I watch a movie...my family likes the lighting to be movie theater dark! So I say layer your lighting like you do other elements in a room.
The top things to consider with lighting.
Want to recreate a theater experience? Have the ability to turn down all the lights but keep a soft glow at the edges of the space. I recommend either sconces with dimmers or stair wall lights with low lighting toward the base of the wall to create this feeling.
Want an experience that tops the movie theater? Consider star lighting or a tray ceiling with a glow to have a more glamorous experience that is several levels up from your local theater.
Sometimes knit, work or craft while taking in a movie? I know...that's not the idea but I also know there are other parents out there who combine activities to get it all done. Make sure you have good general lighting in your room that can be dimmed. This is great for cleaning too!
Media Room Must-Lighting design

Extra ambience

There are a few things you can do at home to up the experience of your media room movie night.
Include luxury pillows and throws in your room. I recommend choosing the fabric for these not just based on color and pattern but on how they feel. One of our favorites is alpaca throws. The fiber from alpacas is soft and buttery. Think about pillows that feel soft against your face, silk velvet would be a top choice of mine.
Have a wet bar with snacks in the room. No running to the kitchen or concession stand. Have a refrigerator, sink, popcorn maker, and shelves stocked with your favorites as part of the design of your room.
Create an overall space that suits your aesthetic perfectly. Whether you want a retro 40's glamorous space or a rustic cabin type theater when the space in your own home the only limit is your imagination!
Media Room Must-Luxury Fabrics
Join us on Friday for a round up of the best in theater seating!