22 July, 2019

Master Bedroom Revamp – Peek at a Project


Master Bedroom Revamp is our Peek at a Project.  Earlier we talked about this clients' guest bedroom/den and how the room had many functions to serve.  You can read about it here.
In addition to the clients wanting a new guest bedroom they wanted to create a new master bedroom for them.  They had large, over scaled furniture with dark wood tones.  They were ready for a dramatic, clean lined, updated bedroom.  One where they can drift off to sleep in a new comfortable, all upholstered bed with a foot board to keep the view from the living room clean. Nightstands with wall sconces anchor each side of the bed.  His wrapped in leather and hers a mirrored antique.  The wall sconces are perfect to offer enough light while someone is reading and the other may want to sleep.  They are adjustable but also just go away.
To add some drama to this room we selected a wall covering for a feature wall with deep grays, charcoals and purples.  It is reminiscent of Geode and offers organic, dramatic movement to the space.  The upholstery fabrics replicated the colors found in the wall covering and are soft to touch.  They bring a layer of sophistication to this room.
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Furniture Selections

We knew that our client wanted their furniture to be clean lined but that didn't mean it could not have interest or details.  The details make your furniture feel all your own.  Channeled headboards, bed frames with a simple, wood edge, Cerused wood finishes are just elements that we selected to help make this bedroom one of a kind.  We also are fans of not matching your nightstands however, there are a few rooms where it is the right thing to do.  Creating a mix of finishes, paints, wood tones, and metals is a perfect way to get a custom look.
We always give our clients a range of options to react to at their first meeting.  They might say I hate mirrored finishes or it might be just the thing that speaks to them.  We love diving in and getting to know our clients style.  The right scale is what can set a room apart and can also make the room feel complete.  Nightstands are one piece of furniture that is often undersized in bedrooms.  Most in the retail world range from 20-28"W and next to a king size bed that can look tiny.  It is one thing people often say when we look at their existing bedroom.
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After photos will show up on our Instagram feed and in process photos are always on in our Instagram Stories!  Be sure to follow along on the gram : @lilumpls
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  1. Janet Lorusso says:

    What a dramatic room this will be – I love the wallcovering you selected! Looking forward to seeing the reveal!

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