17 June, 2020

Anatomy of a Decorating Project: Master Bedroom Design Part 2


Anatomy of a Decorating Project: The Middle

The middle portion of a decorating project. We don’t often talk about this. We always talk about the fun beginning parts. And we talk about the end; the big reveal! But what happens in the middle? This blog talks about that missing piece of the design puzzle.

In the Middle:

A few weeks ago we showed you a master bedroom we were just starting to design.    We showed the client three material scheme options. And then she choose one of them for further development. (Catch up on that project here.) But what happened next?
Our client selected most of her materials at the meeting, but we still had a few key pieces to fill in. We were missing the perfect wallcovering, chaise pillow fabric, and some trims for the pillows. So we got to work thinking about how to balance the materials that were already selected for the room. We wanted everything we added to amp up the specialness.
Master Bedroom interior design Interior design materials

The Curveball:

We had shown our client a high sheen velvet fabric and our idea was to use it as a cord trim on a bolster pillow. However, our client fell in love with it; the unusual color, the sheen, the elegance it added to the scheme. So we decided it should be the whole pillow, not just the trim! (We’re big into collaboration and working with pieces that clients get really excited about!)
The emphasis of the room had now changed from blue to green. Given this (welcome but) unexpected turn of events, we did not have the right fabrics selected for the chaise pillow. We decided that a soft blue gray with green tape trim would be just right. And then we went back to the showrooms and found the perfect things.
Custom Green Velvet pillow Custom designed pillow

Special details:

We decided that the pillow on the chair would be perfect with a fretwork pattern made of tape trim on a solid fabric. It’s decidedly classic, and definitely fun.
Our client had the fun idea to make her closet a little more special by adding wallcovering to the ceiling. We found the perfect Anna French ikat pattern that came in a unique, nuanced green. Perfect for the room!

A little bling:

How fabulous are these starburst knobs? We all agreed that they are the perfect amount of punch to add to an existing dresser. And how about a punchy green color for the dresser too? Yes and yes. I, for one, can’t wait to see this dresser’s transformation from pretty nice to pretty gorgeous.
Painted Dresser Closet design Master Bedroom Lighting
The next step:
Now that we have all elements selected, we will meet with workrooms to discuss fabrication details, work on proposing costs and finally writing up orders. This is the not-so-fun, waiting part. But trust us, it will be worth the wait. We can’t wait to show you the transformed space!
pin this 1 Master Bedroom Design
Side Notes:
Did you find this conversation about fabric details nauseating? Well you’d be a great LiLu client because we can present just the facts and no fluff; you tell us what you like, and we execute.
Did you love every minute of discussing every detail? Well then you’d be a great LiLu client too because we can talk your ear off about fabric if you want us to. Fabric nerds, unite!
Interested in some of the products we used in this design? Here are a few of our favorites:
Custom lamps by Stephen Gerould 
Wallpaper by Anna French
Antiqued velvet by Cowtan & Tout

Comments on Anatomy of a Decorating Project: Master Bedroom Design Part 2
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    This was so much fun to read, Lisa. Your client’s love for that velvet with the pretty sheen is right in line with what I would have chosen, too. I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s all done!

  2. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Beautiful combinations. I love that velvet too and look forward to seeing the green on the dresser with those beautiful knobs:)

  3. Laura Muller says:

    Lisa! This really illustrates how much value those details add to the finish! It’s so true, the middle is where things are solidified and revised…But the business can be distracting! I love that you shared it! And those gorgeous textures! Beautiful!!!

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