23 February, 2017

Design Sins Confession-According to LiLu

By Lisa Peck, ASID
When we at LiLu start work on a new interior for a client we often ask "What is motivating you to do this project?" This question starts to get at the "why" behind the project. Often clients have a problem they are trying to solve. It could be as simple as inadequate storage or as complex as a family dynamic they are hoping to change. Understanding the "why" helps us be successful at not only designing a beautiful space but one that meets real needs and solves complex problems.
At the beginning of the year, I had to admit something to myself. My home isn't meeting some of my intentions for my life. Shoemakers kids going without shoes! I needed to literally make space for some activities I enjoy or want to do but my current environment literally discourages.
So here is where I confess my sins (designer sins)
#1 I sew, paint, and create at my dining table. It is mightily inconvenient and makes dining here unpleasant when the remains of a creative activity are lingering in the room. Which they often do.
#2 I have exercise equipment in multiple rooms in my home. It's ugly
#3 While I spend my days creating laundry rooms that make my clients hearts sing, mine is like being sent to the dungeon.
What's a designer to do. How can I not only confess my sins but correct these wrongs.
So I created an intention to treat myself and my family as well as I treat a client and go about solving these designer sins. I am going to design and remodel our basement to meet the needs of the family and capture space that is currently underused.
The first step I am taking is to gather inspiration photos of spaces that reflect the level of finish I want and might potentially fit my budget. See my ideas for the basement here on Pinterest
basement inspiration-Design Sins Confession
Next, I need to get my kids to part with toys and cherished stuffed animals to make space for these functions that will make daily life a little more joyful.