20 July, 2018

When Tables are Turned—Friday’s Look of the Day

By Josh Anderson

Our feature project Condo-maximum includes a custom dining table that perfectly fits the needs of our clients. Susie loves to cook. And she wanted their move into a condo in downtown Minneapolis to offer her the ability to comfortably host large gatherings of family and friends.

As a result, a unique requirement presented itself to LiLu: How could they provide a dining table that provided an ample amount of elbow room? Allowing the space to help dictate their innovative design, LiLu created a beautiful table that includes additional sections that expand width-wise as opposed to the traditional length-wise orientation. Doing so opens up plenty of seating for upwards of 15 people, including a long bench for her wonderful grandchildren. By listening to the desires of our client, we were able to solve a design problem with a custom dining table that supports the way Susie loves to live.

Luxury-Condo-Design-Expanding Dining Table-Condo Maximum